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  • Панорамная съёмка вашим iPhone с помощью приложения Photosynth
    2012-02-07 04:39:14

    Also, notice that you can use the app to upload 20 gigabytes worth of photography to a free account where your friends can view an interactive version of your panorama instead of only flattened results.

    On iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads, you may view the panoramas in Safari with's prototype HTML5 panorama viewer.

    Photosynth's website is host to two different photographic constructs: panoramas and photosynths. Currently photosynths are not able to be created in Photosynth's mobile app or viewed in Safari or Photosynth's mobile app. You can at least view photosynths on iOS using Greg Pascale's unofficial iSynth app.

    Microsoft is currently working on building a single new open-source viewer built out of web-standards technologies like CSS3:3D Transforms, HTML 5 Canvas, and WebGL which will open photosynths, panoramas, spin movies, videos, and many other media formats. More information at

    When this new Read/Write World RML viewer is complete, you will be able to view both photosynths and panoramas in Safari. Also look for to begin playing host to a third type of imagery in 2012: Spin Movies.


    Other features of the mobile app which will be useful for panorama lovers include:

    :: 'exposure lock'

    Use this option for much smoother color blending, but be aware that the first photo in your panorama will lock the exposure for the rest of the capture session, so do not make your first shot the brightest part of your scene (the sun) or the darkest shadow or the exposure will be wrong for the majority of your scene.

    :: 'auto crop'

    If you like sharing the flattened version of your panoramas but don't like the empty space around the edges of your panoramas, try the 'auto crop' option when you are sharing your panorama to your camera roll. Auto Crop will try to keep as much panorama while getting rid of all empty black space. This feature is also found in the desktop version of the Microsoft ICE app.


    If you like the panorama stitching of Photosynth's mobile app, try out its big brother: Microsoft ICE for Windows. It is a free app from Microsoft Research and can stitch much higher resolution panoramas. The iPhone app which you are reviewing is actually more like a mobile version of ICE than a mobile version of Photosynth.

    If you use Photosynth's app for Windows, be aware that it is not about making panoramas. It is about creating photosynths. If you shoot a panorama and then place the individual photos into Photosynths' app for Windows, you will not get a good panorama or a good photosynth.

    To get a good photosynth, you must learn to photograph things differently than you have in the past and treat your camera more like a 3D scanner.

    I hope to see many new mobile panoramas, desktop panoramas, and photosynths from beautiful Russia soon!

    Your fellow Photosynth user,